Nuzul Al-Quran

That is the name of the holiday we had last Wednesday. It is a big Muslim holiday in the middle of Ramadan and celebrates when god gave Mohammad the Koran.

Jeanie and I used the day to go to the Dalat School new parent breakfast.

It was held at a Hotel between our condo and the school. So, we could walk along the beach to get there.

Dalat is going very well. Maddie really likes it. They had all the kids amped up about a big announcement at the school open house this last Friday night. I have never seen Maddie so determined to get to a school function on-time. I assumed that it would be the “big disappointment” instead of the “big announcement”. But, the school delivered. All high school students will be issued IPad 2’s this January. They will use it for their agenda, research, calculator, homework, and eventually replace their textbooks. Pretty cool.