Cameron Highland – Boh Tea Plantation

Sorry for the delay in new posts.  We have been doing alot and I have been working hard.

Back in mid-October, we took advantage of a 4 day weekend to have a little getaway to Cameron Highlands. There is a mountain range that runs along the center of Malaysia. One of the areas is a place call Cameron Highlands.  “Highlands” because the mountain peak in the area is 6,666 ft tall (“Devil’s Mountain”).  So it is nice and cool up at that elevation and there are lots of tea plantations and fruit farms that take advantage of it.

We did a tour of the Boh Tea Plantation and short walk in the jungle.

Are guide was pretty amazing.  Pointing out insects, lizards, and plants that could be used for a wide variety things.

Our guide said that they get more rain each year than the Amazon rain forest.   So, the jungle floor is super wet.  We all came out pretty soaked.  Maddie was the worst as she started jumping into the muck rather than trying to walk around it.  Good times!

After the jungle walk, we got to see how tea is made.

And taste some at the tasting center.

I took alot of pictures from the day.  If you want to see more go to SmugMug.  More pictures from Cameron Highlands in future posts.