Dinner with Chief Minister Lim

Back in early November we had the opportunity to host a dinner with Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng. (People call him the “CM”). He is the man in the colorful batik shirt on the left hand side in the picture below.



The Chief Minister is the highest political official in the state government for Penang. That makes him like a Governor in the US. Also, CM Lim was instrumental in National Instruments selecting Penang as our site. So, it was an honor to have him in our home. The dinner was arranged by our landlord, Daisy Ooi. Daisy is to the right of JeanMarie in the next picture. Lilly Tan is on the left and she has been doing an amazing job to help us feel at home in our condo.


Here are some of our other guests. Raj and Anu are on the left. Both are NI employees. Raj is responsible for bringing up the manufacturing site. Lim Mook San and his wife are on the right. Mook San is one of NI’s Malaysian Board Members.