Firefly Boat Tour – Don’t do this while jet lagging!

On Friday evening we went on a firefly boat tour. We took busses about an hour south of Penang.


We stopped in a small town along a river for a nice dinner of crab porridge, shrimp, steamed fish, clams, and vegetables. Dinner was really good. Then we drove down to the river put on our lifevests, and hopped in little boats.




We then trolled up and down this river (that was supposedly filled with snakes and crocodiles) looking for firefly colonies. All along the shore, the colonies setup home in trees and bushes. The lights of each colony are synchronized. So it is pretty cool as it looks like much of the shore is decorated with faint Christmas lights.


Sorry no pictures of fireflies. It was too dark and the boat rocked to much for a long exposure. Also, if you used a flash it caused the fireflies to momentarily stop flashing their lights.

This was our second day back in Penang and we were all feeling the effects of jet lag. After an hour bus ride and dinner, my main concern was not falling out of the boat as i fell asleep!