How to pay 3 Ringot to watch a monkey drink a seven up.

On our island hopping tour around Langkawi, we were very disappointed to see all of the trash around the pier to the island of Beras Bahas. After hanging out on the island for about an hour, we found the source of the problem. Maddie wanted to buy some snacks for the boat ride to our next island – a soda and some chips. She was happily eating her chips and drink as we walked back to the pier. We saw that several monkeys had gathered near the pier and were making some threatening noises at some of the tourists. A man walking the opposite direction warned us that the monkeys want our chips, so we tucked them in our bag out of site. We didn’t think that they also liked soda, but one of the monkeys saw the soda in Maddie’s hand and decided he wanted it. He started running towards Maddie and growled. Maddie ran a couple of circles around me before realizing the only way out was to drop the can.