The Beach

Our plan for the day was to sail south along the Eastern side of Ko Phi Phi, have lunch and make a quick supply run at the main bay on Ko Phi Phi called Don Ton Sai, and then head back out for some afternoon sailing. Along the way, we looked up and saw that the overhead sun had a perfect 360 degree rainbow around it.


We also saw several resorts along the way that the Rusts noted as potential future vacation destinations.



As we came around the southern tip of Ko Phi Phi, Johannes and Scott made the executive decision to check out Ko Phi Phi Le, a small island to the south west of Ko Phi Phi. Ko Phi Phi Le has several beautiful and interesting hongs and bays. The most famous is Maya Bay which was featured in the Leonardo DiCaprio movie called the “The Beach”. Rather than follow the crowds we stopped for lunch at a beautiful small blue lagoon at the southernmost tip.



On one end of the lagoon we found a secluded beach at the end of a cliff walled inlet.


At the other end of the lagoon we found the “cave tunnel”, accessible by a network of ropes, that leads to the Maya Bay beach.


We tied off our dingy and climbed up and over the ropes to explore the inner portion of the island.



An idyllic tropical forest path led us to the Maya Bay beach.





The beach was completely overrun with Japanese, Chinese and European tourists, ferried in by dozens of large speedboats that backed up to the beach with their three or four 150 horse Honda outboards on the stern. The speedboats make a stark contrast with the much more numerous and typical “Long Tail” wooden boats found everywhere else we’d been.



Question: How many people are peeing in the next couple of pictures?



We made a quick retreat back to our dingy and headed straight for the secluded beach at the other end of our lagoon, which we only had to share with the colorful crabs climbing up the cliffs in the falling tide.


As the sun began to settle lower on the horizon, we motored in the windless lee of Ko Phi Phi Le towards our anchorage in Don Ton Sai Bay on the southern end of the Ko Phi Phi island. Our plan was to make a quick grocery and dinner stop and then head to a more secluded anchorage for the night.




However, Johannes and Scott realized pretty soon that this plan would be discarded as this was the girl’s first chance to spend their Thai Baht on souvenirs. With no quick stop to be had, we resigned ourselves to enjoy the hassle and bustle of the village.





While the girls shopped, Scott and Johannes purchased the highest priority supplies – bottled fresh water, a case of Chang beer, and TP (not sure if this is in correct order of priority). We slept that night in the harbor, with the plan of eating breakfast on the island and getting our final set of supplies in the morning.

A special thanks to Johannes Brinkmann for sharing his sailing dairy with me. I am starting to steal heavily from it in writing these blog pages. If you like the writing, you can probably thank him. If you find any of the humor crude or inappropriate, I take full responsibility.