Look What We Caught!

We headed into town for breakfast, the all important wifi opportunity for our teenage girls and Scott, and to check out more of the sites. 20120819-183851.jpg20120819-183908.jpg20120819-183917.jpg20120819-183948.jpg20120819-184005.jpg

While Liza and Jean Marie went grocery shopping, Scott and Johannes tackled acquiring some extra diesel. 20120819-184744.jpg



As we prepared to leave the harbor and engaged the winch to lift the chain and anchor, the winch quickly ground to a halt. Our first thought was that we were caught on a submerged mooring. Scott went into the water to assess the situation.


Our anchor chain had wrapped itself around a very large abandoned anchor. It was now hanging 10 to 15 feet below our boat. We backed and angled the boat and were eventually able to crank in enough chain to raise it just below the surface of the water so that we could work on it. The anchor was a solid three feet across and five feet long and must have weighed a couple hundred pounds. It may have been left from the tsunami that devastated the area. Jeanie and Johannes looked on and offered words of encouragement and advice from the prayer position.


With a group effort, we were able free the anchor and return it to the deep. After that adventure we decided to head back to Ko Mai Pai to snorkel and relax for our 8th night out.