Ha Long Bay Vietnam

Spring Break at Maddie’s school was last week and we used the time to tour several areas in Vietnam. The first part of our trip was a cruise around Ha Long Bay an a cruise ship called the Au Co.

20130331 Halong Bay Vietnam_D600_ND6_6372

There are many islands around Ha Long Bay that rise sharply out of the water. It is similar to the islands we sailed around last summer in the norther part of the Gulf of Thailand. The weather was overcast and hazy, which made for nice cool weather. But, not many good picture opportunities of the landscape.

20130402 Halong Bay and Surprise Cave_D600_ND6_6497

We did several excursions while on the cruise. The first was to a floating fisherman’s village. Women from the village picked us up in small boats and rowed us to the village.

20130331 Halong Bay Vietnam_D600_ND6_6373

20130331 Halong Bay Vietnam_D600_ND6_6314

The boats had unusual rowing system. Instead of pulling on the oars, they stood and pushed forward on the oars. The lady driving our boat kept hitting me as she leaned forward.

20130331 Halong Bay Vietnam_D600_ND6_6321

On the second day of the cruise we did some sea kayaking. I forgot to bring my watertight bag and didn’t want to bring my camera. So, no pictures of that excursion. We paddled thru an archway on one of the islands and then looked for seashells on the beach of another. On the way back to the boat, we played with a Jellyfish. Then jumped off side of boat for a cold plunge.

In the afternoon we did a short bike ride on Cat Ba Island.

20130401 Halong Bay Vietnam_D600_ND6_6405

20130401 Halong Bay Vietnam_D600_ND6_6407

20130401 Halong Bay Vietnam_D600_ND6_6410

Halfway thru the ride it began rain. Maddie said that riding in the rain was the highlight of her trip!

20130401 Halong Bay Vietnam_D600_ND6_6417

20130401 Halong Bay Vietnam_D600_ND6_6415

20130401 Halong Bay Vietnam_D600_ND6_6424

20130401 Halong Bay Vietnam_D600_ND6_6429

20130401 Halong Bay Vietnam_D600_ND6_6439

20130401 Halong Bay Vietnam_D600_ND6_6444

20130401 Halong Bay Vietnam_D600_ND6_6445

On the last day of the cruise we did a tour to Surprise Cave. We kept calling it “Supplies” Cave! It was the biggest cave that I have ever been in.

20130402 Halong Bay and Surprise Cave_D600_ND6_6503

20130402 Halong Bay and Surprise Cave_D600_ND6_6540

20130402 Halong Bay and Surprise Cave_D600_ND6_6501