20110707 Mid-Mountain Hike to Montage at Deer Valley

20110707 Mid-Mountain Hike to Montage at Deer Valley, a set on Flickr. Had a low key day. Woke up late and didn’t head out for a hike until 1:00. Rode the town lift… Continue reading

20110705 Timpanogos Cave National Monument

All Imported-640, a photo by Scott Rust on Flickr. Awesome day. Hike was tougher than expected. A little over a mile and 1000 ft of elevation. Spectacular views and dangerous drop-offs. At the… Continue reading

20110704 Cascade Falls Hike, Park City

Last Import-10, a photo by Scott Rust on Flickr. Stopped off at an overlook after hiking at the Cascade Falls. Got this great shot of Jeanie. 20110704 Cascade Falls Hike, Park City, a… Continue reading

Enroute to Park City

Vacation in mountains with the Stewarts.


Sold the Audi Allroad on Craigslist. Reasonably easy. Had about 6 inquiries. 4 were scammers. 2 guys drive the car and the last on bought. Got another thing knocked off the todo list… Continue reading

20110627 Penang Quarantine Facility

Penang Quarantine Facility, a photo by Scott Rust on Flickr. 20110627 Penang Quarantine Facility, a set on Flickr. Visited the Penang quarantine facility on Tuesday. They have separate houses for cats, dogs, and… Continue reading

20110625 Wet Market Near Condo

20110626 Wet Market, a photo by Scott Rust on Flickr. 20110625 Wet Market Neat Condo, a set on Flickr. Went and checked out the wet market near our condo (walking distance). Not as… Continue reading

20110625 Biker Rally in Penang

20110625 Biker Rally in Penang, a set on Flickr. I was driving with Phil Hester (so don’t get concerned that I tried to take a picture while driving in Penang!). There were about… Continue reading

20110624 Penang Condo Pictures

20110624 Penang Condo Pictures, a set on Flickr.

20111619 Penang First Day in Condo

20111619 Penang First Day in Condo, a set on Flickr. Here are some of the ways that I tried to setup our condo on the first day I moved in.