Traveling Back to Penang

Waiting in the Hong Kong airport for my flight to Penang. Last trip before we move as a family in late July.

20110612 Hike up from Carter Park

All Imported-624, a photo by Scott Rust on Flickr. 20110612 Hike up from Cater Park, a set on Flickr.

20110611 Jessica Boat’s Wedding

20110611 Jessica Boat’s Wedding, a set on Flickr.

20110611 Hanging out in Frisco

20110611 Hanging out in Frisco, a set on Flickr.

20110611 Hike to 10 Mile Station

20110611 Hike to 10 Mile Station, a set on Flickr.

20110610 Jessica Boat’s Rehearsal Dinner

20110610 Jessica Boat’s Rehearsal Dinner, a set on Flickr.

It’s hard to grow grass at 9,600 feet!

Last Import-11, a photo by Scott Rust on Flickr. Had a fun afternoon walking around downtown Breckenridge. Came across this sign outside of Starbucks. Notice that this is almost no grass below the… Continue reading

20110610 Hanging Out in Breckenridge

20110610 Hanging Out in Breckenridge, a set on Flickr. Via Flickr: Had a fun day in Breckenridge. Maddie was a good sport even though she was on crutches.

20110602 Maddie’s Sprained Ankle

20110602 Maddie’s Sprained Ankle, a set on Flickr. It’s just a sprain. Everyone says that a sprain is worse than a break. Maddie sprained her ankle playing volleyball at lifetime fitness. It was… Continue reading